Cold machine wash. Pop it in a delicates. Don’t dry clean, bleach or iron, and if you’re putting it in the dryer, use a low cycle.

Consumer Panel of 36 respondents between the ages of 24-56, over 6 weeks of using the AHA Body Reset Scrub up to 3 timers per week.

  • 91% said their skin looked brighter
  • 89% said their skin felt smoother
  • 86% said their skin looked more even toned

Introducing the Plush Beauty Band - your ultimate companion for flawless skincare with Kenzako. Designed to effortlessly keep your hair in place and protect it from moisture, this Beauty Band is a must-have accessory for every skincare routine.

The Plush Beauty Band is carefully crafted to securely hold your hair back, ensuring it stays dry and out of your face. No more worrying about stray strands or accidental smudges on your freshly applied makeup.

It's adjustable to accommodate different head sizes, making it suitable for everyone.


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